Skipton Funeral Plan Review

Skipton Funeral plans are offered by the Skipton Building Society based in North Yorkshire. Having first opened its doors  in 1853. For over 150 years they have been at the centre of the community providing financial services for those in need and others looking to capitalise on investments.

The pre paid funerals proffered by Skipton are provided by a third party company who they have have partnered with. The actual supplier of the final plan will be Dignity funerals. A well established business with a network of over 1200 owned and participating funeral directors across the UK.

Skipton and Dignity are quite up front about their terms and conditions and go into great detail about what won’t be included. For instance plan will not cover for Doctor’s fees or Coroner’s fees.

  • No Embalming
  • No payment towards removing pacemakers or artificial limbs
  • No repatriation from outside Mainland UK

How much does it cost?

These plans are priced a little above average however there is a slightly higher disbursements charge contribution of £1,220 which will rise while held in account to meet costs in the future.

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Common Questions About Skipton End of Life Products

What Funeral Plans Do Skipton Offer?


Amber: One off – £3,195 or 12 months at £266.25 interest free.


Includes: Wood effect coffin, Hearse direct to service, Advice and guidance, Preparation and care of the deceased, Funeral Director and staff, 24 hour counselling by phone, Chapel of rest during office hours, Collection of donations, Cremation fee, Minister’s / Officiant’s fee.


Pearl: One off – £3,550 or 12 months at £295.83 interest free.


Adds: Quality wood effect coffin, Chapel of rest weekdays by appointment, 1 limousine, Funeral procession, 50 thank you cards,


Diamond: One off – £3795 or 12 months at £316.25 interest free.


Adds: High quality wood veneer coffin, Chapel of rest any time by appointment, 1 limousine (2),

Notes: Plan provided by Dignity.

Trust Held: Yes.

What’s Guaranteed?

As with many plans for funerals there’s small print. You’ll always find a non exhaustive list of what’s not included, which is longer than the list of items that are.


These are basic funerals which you can tailor to your own specifications. Quite simply it’s about the deceased being treated correctly and in a timely fashion, a funeral service and not much to think about on the day.



  •  All provisions listed in the plan
  •  Disbursements up to a certain value (£1220)

Not Guaranteed:

  • Doctor’s fees or Coroner’s fees
  • Fees for a service at an alternative location
  • Embalming / Burial plot
  • Headstone or Memorial
  • Future taxes, should funerals not be VAT exempt

Does that mean I (or my family) will have to pay money on top?

Not necessarily. There are two options in this instance, one foreseen. Should you wish to prevent any shortfall of a funeral plan meeting disbursements you can top up an account and the money will gain interest as with the rest. However if you simply use the existing plan and it falls short, family may need to make an additional payment at the time of need to cover other costs.

What If I Want Something Different?

You can tailor all plans at an extra cost or simply leave personal wishes for loved ones so that they can understand how you wanted your funeral to take place. This last documentation is free to add.


How Does A Skipton Prepaid Funeral Plan Work?

Skipton Building Society are re-selling a funeral plan on behalf of Dignity. Your contract will be with Dignity and your money will be held in trust until time of need, ensuring it meets the amount specified. At the time of death funds will be released to a next of kin or named party and the funeral director will be paid upon their issuance.

Will my money be safe?

Yes, monies are held in trust and Dignity are within the realms of the Financial Planning Authority which seeks to ensure new trustees are found, new business created and that other members will ensure all funerals can proceed as planned.

Any Cancellation fees?

Yes, after the 90 day cooling down period there is a charge of £195 if you wish to cancel the funeral plan for any reason. This amount will be deducted from the sum of premiums paid in to date.

Will my plan stay the same if I move house?

Yes. Though you still need to use their funeral director network for policy to remain the same..

What happens to my plan if I die before paying the full amount?

Your funeral plan will remain in place and your family can top up the difference should they wish to use the Skipton funeral plan. It may be part paid, therefore cheaper and still of use.

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