Silver Clouds Funeral Plan Review

You may think you’ve compared funeral plans sufficiently enough to make a decision. You were wrong


In comes Silver Clouds with seven more to cater for your individual needs and compete with rival funeral companies. 


Choice and a bespoke funeral plan to cater for your every wish and desire for that perfectly tailored funeral.


This provider ensures that should you wish, the plan can be transferred to another named party. 


This is not the case with all pre paid policies elsewhere. A deposit of £250 is required to begin the ‘pay by instalments’ option.

Limitations of Silver Clouds Funerals

  • They have been slightly ambiguous regarding disbursements and split them between minister’s fee and cremation fee with no open category for Doctor’s fee (but the latter is soon to be no longer required).

  • Suggesting the Silver plan does not include disbursements whereas Bronze still doesn’t pay for the Minister.

How much does it cost?

The most basic plan, Bronze, is really quite cheap starting out at £1,750, the plans then increase in value to £2,250, £3,340, £3,575 and £3,850.


The biggest jump from Silver to gold is for Minister and Celebrant fees. The same advice stands from above, consider disbursements and how they are calculated in comparison to other plan providers.

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Questions (FAQ) about Silver Clouds Prepaid Funerals...

What Funeral Plans Do Silver Clouds Prepaid Funerals Offer?

Bronze: One off – £1,750



  • Funeral Directors Professional Service and Advice
  • Collection Of The Deceased within 40 miles
  • 24 hours (not stated if that’s collection or phone line or chapel access)
  • Simple Coffin
  • Funeral Procession from Home or Funeral Home to the Crematorium
  • Funeral Directors Attendance
  • Provision of Hearse and Bearers
  • Return of Cremated Remains and Cremation Fees

Silver: One off – £2,250


  • Home visits
  • Standard Dignified coffin
  • Viewing in the Chapel of Rest
  • Funeral Procession from Home or Funeral Home to Church
  • Provision of 2 Bearers
  • A dedicated online memorial page including online donations

Excludes: Cremation Fees


Gold: One off – £3,340

Adds: Minister or Celebrant Fees, Cremation Fees


Platinum: One off – £3,575

Adds: Provision of first Limousine, Provision of 4 Bearers


Diamond: One off – £3,850

Adds: A Quality Upgraded Coffin, Provision of Two Limousines


Veterans: POA.

Includes: Details upon enquiry.


Bespoke: POA.

Includes: Details upon enquiry.


Notes: The Veterans plan is unique in that it provides a discounted Specialist Armed Forces Funeral Plan and works in tandem with the Veterans Bereavement Support Service. It is available to current Servicemen, Ex-Servicemen and Women and their families.


Information is not readily available for the bespoke plan but one imagines it can be tailored to specific needs and include whatever can be calculated for the future, plus a wish list and additional sum for third party expenses.


Trust Held: Yes under a separate entity termed The Silver Clouds Trust where trustees with no interest in the associate plan company ensure your money is only released under the circumstances stated for the policy.

What’s Guaranteed?

It’s an unfortunate slight that not all pre paid plans across all providers are the same. That’s competition. some aspects are not covered in general like repatriation while ambiguity with disbursements is not helpful.




  • Transferral of plan to another named person if requested
  • It is possible to edit plan without extra charge unless there’s an upgrade or significant addition


Not Guaranteed:


  • Does not include repatriation
  • If repatriated and distant from Director to airport is more than 40 miles, there may be a surcharge
  • Disbursements that are commonly held together are split

Does that mean I (or my family) will have to pay money on top?

It may be the case that come the moment of need a next of kin may need to top up for disbursements at the time. More clarity is required.


What If I Want Something Different?


An option to have a tailored pre paid funeral plan exists, contact for further details.

How Does A Silver Clouds Funeral Plan Work?

With Silver Clouds there is a 14 day period where no one does anything. You are free to contemplate your decision and they will await any written confirmation to cancel, after which all begins in earnest. You receive a Certificate to state what is due in time of need, plus any payment plan details. no plan need be delivered in full until full payment is concluded.

Will my money be safe?

Silver clouds are members of the FPA which audits their offerings on an annual basis. There is also a separate Trust fund which is called The Silver Clouds Trust so yes as current oversight stands it should be.


Any Cancellation fees?


There is a cooling off period of 14 days if you change your mind after the first day of the plan begins. You must confirm withdrawal in writing. After this period there is a cancellation cost of £495.

Will my plan stay the same if I move house?

This is not visible in their FAQ but they do have a national network of funeral directors which is an attempt to provide local funeral coverage wherever you may move. Yes the plan moves with you but in relation to postcode we are unsure exactly how far away the funeral director would be.

What happens to my plan if I die before paying the full amount?

In line with most responsibilities of being an FPA member they will either return the paid amount minus an admin fee to next of kin, or request the difference so the funeral can be delivered as planned.

Reviews of Silver Clouds Funerals

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