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Scotmid Funeral Services is a part of the Scottish Midland Co-Operative Society Limited which is based in Edinburgh and has spread across Scotland since inception in 1859, with provision of funerals beginning in 1927. Holding a variety of walk in funeral parlours from Dunfermline to Leith they offer both funeral services and funeral plans to their local community.

There is no lengthy payment plan observed on the website, they appear to denote a period of 12 to 24 months if full payment not made, no doubt with a deposit.

  • Certain plans do have restrictions, such as the Cremation without Cemetery, and no Chapel of Rest visits, service or family in attendance

How much does it cost?


Their website has a full listing for individual costings but as the Traditional Funeral plan can be tailored there is no fixed price. 


The Simple funeral is the most basic for the cost but if you need a simple funeral option, it’s worth comparing the packages to other plan providers as doesn’t include any disbursements and might be worth choosing another from ScotMid that does with perhaps more items included.

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Common Questions About Scotmid Funerals

What Funeral Plans Do Scotmid Offer?


Tailored Traditional: POA

Includes: Anything you want from price list or imagined.


Simple: £1590 + Disbursements ((£250 paid in advance) Total sum for Simple Funeral could be £2355)


Includes: Basic coffin, Collection of deceased, Preparation and care, Chapel of Rest visits, 1 hearse for transportation, arrange funeral, Funeral Director services and support.


Edinburgh Plan: £2500


Includes: Simple wood veneer coffin, 24 hour transportation of deceased within 50 miles, Funeral arrangement, Care and preparation of deceased, Bereavement assistance, Cremation fees, Minister or Officiant’s fees, Hearse and personnel. Chapel of Rest visit during office hours. Restricted funeral dates, transport direct to Crematorium from Funeral home.


Stirling Plan: £2900

Adds: Transportation from home to Crematorium, client chooses route. Choice of funeral dates and times.



Linlithgow Plan: £3600

Adds: Mahagony veneer coffin, One limousine, Chapel of Rest visit at any time by appointment.



Balmoral Plan: £3800

Adds: Oak veneer coffin, One limousine (2)

Cremation Without Ceremony: £1099 – payment within two days.

Includes: Wood veneer coffin, Arrangement, Care and transportation of deceased, cremation fees paid for unattended committal.


Notes: Most payments are up front, there is no clause of payment extending past 24 months. Costs when considering Disbursements paid in full appear quite accommodating.


Trust Held: It appears not but you may be able to add a trust Fund aspect at the time for an additional fee, please enquire. Ashes dispersed or available for collection.

What’s Guaranteed?

This is a welcome funeral plan because it promises to fulfil all disbursement obligations. It is believed because the payments go into a whole of life plan which is a substantially larger sum of money to be pooled than by other means.



  • Whole amount of disbursements – please check
  • Supply of all provisions within a plan

Not Guaranteed: 

  • Any items not listed in the plan

Does that mean I (or my family) will have to pay money on top?

No, it is specifically stated that no other items will need topping up to provide for the plan’s enactment. However your next of kin may choose to make additions of their own choosing at the time.

What If I Want Something Different?

You can tailor any funeral plan from the outset, however once in place you can upgrade or downgrade to a set plan. This can be arranged for free.

How Does A Scotmid Prepaid Funeral Plan Work?

Like many other pre paid funeral plans you contribute monthly payments towards a final sum. This then rests until time of need. The monies are then paid out to a chosen funeral director for completion of services.

Will my money be safe?

Yes, the term time of the investment will be covered by existing regulations within the Financial Conduct Authority. The payments you make are invested in a individual whole of life assurance policy run by the Royal London Mutual Insurance Society.

Any Cancellation fees?

There is a 14 day cooling off period after purchase. You may cancel after this date and there will be no fixed cancellation charge. However it is suspected that there may be a cost to initiate the investment with Royal London, this may be deducted from any payments made which are expected to be returned in full.

Will my plan stay the same if I move house?


What happens to my plan if I die before paying the full amount?

It’s stated that funeral will be supplied if you die after all payments are made. You should enquire further.

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