Will Saga Offer Funeral Plans?

Why Saga Funeral Plans?

Saga offer Car, home and travel insurance and for those a little more savvy with their pensions there’s boats and landlord insurance. 


For people who are avid readers of the Saga website don’t they deserve the best choice and price on Saga Funeral plans too? And what form might they take?


The average cost of a funeral today is in the region of £3500 to £4000. It’s quite a sum to be obtained from the average Senior Citizen’s estate. 


If one of a married couple die it could leave the other in the lurch financially if pensions or other life insurance policies do not kick in.


It would be nice to believe a Saga Funeral Plan would be a little different.


Within this website there are dozens of plans each with different levels of costs and inclusions. It’s helpful as some families are large, others not so. There would be little point hiring three limousines when only need the one.

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If a person is approaching their senior years there are several options to think about and consider. One inescapable agenda present on television screens and in the papers is funeral plans. The ability to pay in advance for your own funeral by instalments and help your family financially at what is a time for grief and not money worries.


Approaching fifty used to mean Reader’s Digest, playing golf and of course Saga. That ever helpful magazine website that will direct you to cruises, adventures and deal with the cumbersome task of getting older gracefully. Though a quick flick through their insurance offerings and there’s no Saga funeral plans on offer.


The closest is an Over 50’s health insurance product which provides for a specialist, private treatment and the ability to get help and advice from a GP no matter where you are in the world. This health insurance is supplied by Axa and is not from the house of Saga. It’s a partnership programme.

The Best Saga Funeral Plan For Their Readers

The plan wouldn’t need to be the cheapest although it would be nice and popular. It would perhaps be good to suggest that Saga doesn’t offer a whole of life plan disguised as a funeral plan. Some do and they cost money right up until a person reaches the age of 90.


No, a Saga funeral plan should have a good range of coffins with nameplates. Built in Will and Testament set up with perhaps a 24 hour bereavement line with help and support for documents and probate. Maybe with tax advice too as the Government are always trying to claw back some on Inheritance.


A quality range of coffins and urns, hearse from home and choice of route as standard with viewing at Chapel of Rest at any time by appointment. Perhaps a limousine as an addition or from the off with pallbearers. So as to make a funeral plan that much clearer, to include all Disbursements or none and a collection of tributes both card, charitable and floral.


Money is always an issue but no plans that place restrictions on when a policy can be invoked. Some funeral plan providers state after full payment or premiums returned or family make up the difference for full provision. Others suggest a two year period before it can be activated. A Saga funeral plan should perhaps find middle ground, all premiums returned if die or family pays the remainder.


How do you feel the best Saga funeral plan should be created? Maybe they will listen. In any case, it will probably be provided by a third party such as Dignity, Co-Op or…

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