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Many seniors get a little anxious when they think about planning their funeral, at first it seems an uncomfortable prospect. However with the right support and guidance it can be completed and leave you feeling more comfortable, confident and prepared.


"After my father passed without any arrangements, I had to sort everything out, it was difficult. I quickly decided that I didn’t want to leave my kids with that kind of burden. Now, I pay a small monthly amount and it’s such a relief..." -  Steve Bailey, Hertfordshire

There are so many things to consider and most often, it is an expensive process. You might not have the funds to pay for everything you want and leaving it all to the last minute can burden your loved ones financially and emotionally. While it might not be pleasant to think about, planning your funeral in advance can save time, money, and stress for everyone involved.

Safe Hands Funeral Plans is one of the largest providers of prepaid funeral plans in the UK, and they have a variety of well thought-out plans to fit different needs and budgets. To make an informed decision on a funeral plan and a provider, here are a few things you should know about Safe Hands.

The Basics Of A Funeral Plan: What is a Safe Hands Plan & How does it work?...

A funeral plan is an easy way to plan your arrangements as well as pay for them in advance. It allows you to save money by locking in the price of a funeral at the time you purchase the plan. Most providers will allow you to choose from a number of funeral directors and those directors will work closely with you to help you figure everything out. They will guide you through the process of arranging the service, payment of fees, and include any special touches you wish.

After you have passed, all your family and friends have to do is call Safe Hands and set your plan in motion. The funeral director you chose and work with will come in and oversee everything, so your family doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Depending on the provider and plan you choose, you can get a variety of different services at different price points (listed below).

Safe Hands Funeral Plans

Safe Hands offers five different funeral plans to fit a broad range of budgets and needs. You can find out all of the specifics of each of these plans online, but here are the costs and a few services for each one.

SafeHands - Topaz Plan

  • The Topaz plan is the cheapest of all the plans and includes the funeral director's fees and services along with a coffin, hearse, and two bearers. There are no third party fees listed in this plan, so those will need to be paid by the family or next of kin. The Topaz Plan costs £2,075 or £21.29 per month, at the time of writing. The Pearl Plan includes everything in the Topaz Plan as well as any third party fees such as medical, cremation, and minister fees. The Pearl Plan costs £3,155 or £33.89 per month.

SafeHands - Sapphire Plan

  • The Sapphire Plan is the most popular plan at Safe Hands and includes third party fees, all services in the other two plans as well as four bearers, a wood veneered coffin, and a following limousine. This plan costs £3,395 or £36.69 per month. The most expensive plan is the Ruby Plan and includes all third party fees, services in the other plans, four bearers, two following limousines, floral coffin spray, and an oak coffin that is lined and fitted. The cost of the Ruby Plan is £3,700 or £40.25 per month.

SafeHands Direct Cremation

  • Safe Hands also has the Direct Cremation option for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money on their funeral and just need the essential services. Direct Cremation includes care and collection of the deceased as well as a cremation approved coffin, transport to the crematorium, cremation and doctor’s fees. There is no service with this plan, and it costs £1,695.

What Else Will I Get With A Safe Hands Plan?

The primary goal for Safe Hands is to make sure you get the funeral you want and deserve. You can tailor each plan so that your funeral service is exactly the way you want it. They also work with the National Federation of Funeral Directors to provide the most qualified and experienced funeral directors.

They also work with anyone that is over the age of 18, so you don’t have to worry about not being accepted or able to plan your funeral. Your money will also be safe because Safe Hands uses a secure trust fund monitored by an independent Board of Trustees. The money you pay for your plan will stay in this trust until it is time to use it and one call will set your whole plan in motion.

Is There Anything Not Included At Safe Hands?

Safe Hands works to include a large number of services in their plans which means there isn’t much that is left out. If you choose the Topaz plan third party fees like cremation, medical certification, and minister fees won’t be included, but everything else will be covered. The Direct Cremation plan does not come with a service, but fees for everything else are included.

Safe Hands also does a good job of outlining all of the costs for services up front, so there are no hidden fees. Transparency can sometimes be a problem with other providers, and family or friends are left to pay the remaining charges. Safe Hands is a very transparent provider that wants to work with you to create your ideal funeral.

Prices listed are valid at the time of publishing, and may not be current.

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