Prosperous Life Funeral Plan Review

  • Have you noticed how no two pre paid funeral plans are really the same?
  • A plan can give with one hand and take with another...
  • Or its entirely about giving a different amount of one thing in relation to another: Three great plans all reasonably priced with no hidden costs... However then you start to read that disbursements are only covered for £1,000.
  • There are some attractive early entry elements usually reserved for higher plans, such as Chapel of Rest access and then there's the small print.
  • You can check but you can never personally leave with the money if 14 days passes.
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Limitations of Prosperous Life:

  • Only £1000 towards disbursements
  • No cancellation fee
  • No return of payments after 14 days, held until time of need

How much do Prosperous Life charge?


All costs are properly laid out in a comparison chart enabling you to see at which stage each element of a funeral is upgraded. 


  • From no limousines to two.

  • Chapel of Rest access is included from the outset and disbursements fees are fully acknowledged but only as a contributory amount.

  • It does appear quite low considering the initial Silver package costs £3,495. 

  • Though the top plan is £4,195 and at each upgrade a better quality coffin provides this in contrast to some that offer basic coffins throughout until the final package.

Common Questions About Prosperous Life Prepaid Funerals

What Funeral Plans Do Prosperous Life Prepaid Funerals Offer?


Silver: One off – £3,495



  • Basic coffin
  • Funeral Director’s Professional Services
  • Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements
  • Hearse
  • Use of the chapel of rest
  • Advice and guidance
  • Funeral director support
  • Care of the deceased and preparation
  • Removal of body from location of death to funeral home with working hours within radius of 25 miles
  • Attendance of the conductor and bearers
  • All funeral staff required to conduct the service. 
  • £1000 towards Cremation or Interment, Doctor and Minister costs.

Gold: One off – £3,895

Adds: Veneered coffin. Full list of floral tributes. First limousine.


Platinum: One off – £4,195

Adds: A quality veneered coffin. A second limo.


Notes: although the packages seem quite high, they do include elements others might not from the outset. Oversight is provided by the Funeral Planing Authority (FPA) and while disbursements are low the fact there is no way to obtain the money paid in after 14 days and pay a cancellation fee is actually quite attractive.


Trust Held: Yes with the Pride Planning Trust Fund.

What’s Guaranteed?

Across all pre paid funeral plans there are costs of certain funeral service elements that can be forecast and others which cannot. For instance burial plots are rarely included, disbursements not entirely covered and so on.





  • No health checks or questions to apply
  • Cremation
  • Funeral costs accepted unless different funeral director chosen by next of kin
  • Price match
  • Monies held in trust until time of need even if cancel policy
  • 60 day payment holiday offered or extension if allowed


Not Guaranteed:


  • Burial plot and fee
  • No repatriation which is normal for UK plan providers
  • A wish list is exactly that unless factored into the plan financially with growth attributed
  • Disbursement amount probably won’t cover final fees
  • Return of monies paid if policy cancelled, held until time of need

Does that mean I (or my family) will have to pay money on top?

While we have glanced at many pre paid plans, £1000 as a contribution does seem quite low. However it is possible their plan and financial arm with investments could out perform others to meet all the cost at the time of need. It’s a consideration and it may be possible to ask for proof of investment results so you can compare pre paid plans on this aspect. Not many people would or understand that possibly could.

What If I Want Something Different?

The provider does allow you to make special arrangement on top of the given plans. If you wish to have a memorial service as well as church service and it was absolutely possibly to gauge this cost for 20 years time, it could be included.

Or for instance 3 extra limos, they can adjudge for two so five would be just as easy. For any elements that cannot be matched to inflation or prices gauged it may be possible to add a separate amount that could grow to cover other expenditures as willed by your next of kin at the time of need. A kind of fund for the miscellaneous like flowers or hall hire.


How Does A Prosperous Prepaid Funeral Plan Work?


Slightly different to many others. The plan provisions are similar, you will receive the full detailed aspects from the local funeral director as pre planned. The Certificate of Entitlement will allow for that as log as fully paid up. Two stark differences are that there is no cancellation fee or return of monies before death and trust fund may pay out interest earned upon early death regardless.

Will my money be safe?

Yes and doubly so, not only are all funds kept in Trust with a separate entity and Trustees with no relation to the ‘parent’ plan company, they are covered by yearly audits by the Financial Planning Authority which has oversight and investigative powers. Any investments would be guarded by the Financial Conduct Authority too.

Any Cancellation fees?

No, at the time of writing there is not. However you may cancel within 14 days in writing and reclaim all payments to date. There is a strange concept that is welcoming and different to all others. If you cancel after 14 days your policy can exist up until the point of need with that sum of money repaid. You cannot cancel, pay a cancellation fee and receive all monies before death. According to their terms and conditions and section 11.

Will my plan stay the same if I move house?

Yes, simply advise of your new address and a new funeral director will be appointed. Though it is not known how far away this funeral might be at the new address.

What happens to my plan if I die before paying the full amount?

It’s a little technical due to the wording used in the terms. If you die your next of kin or personal representative will receive the money required for the funeral as the trust fund amount stands at the time of death. Or the remaining balance may be payable and full funeral service delivered forthwith.


However, you need to ask if this is only the payments made or the interest gained too, it’s the latter which we understand to be true. If this is the case then it is much better than other plan providers in respect to this situation.

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