Perfect Choice Funeral Plan Review

Limitations of Perfect Choice Funeral Plans

  • Cremation & Minister fees not guaranteed
  • Instead you’ll get a contribution of £1,200 towards cremation & minister’s fees
  • The above contribution may not be enough – which means your next of kin may have to cover the difference
  • Plan is by Ecclesiastical Planning Services Limited who are members of the Funeral Planning Authority
  • Changing funeral directors could incur additional fees (see below for more detail)

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Questions about Perfect Choice Funeral Plans

How much does a perfect choice plan cost?

  • Basic plan £2,535
  • Simple plan £3,605
  • Traditional plan £3,915
  • Complete plan £4,280

How much does a Perfect Choice funeral plan cost per month?

This provider is not alone in focusing on cremations as a priority for the majority of its plans.


The very fact more people opt to go by way of a crematorium is a reality, plus it is much easier to gauge a cost increase when grave plot rental often exceeds RPI and is volatile.


Which is why all packages presented below except ‘Personal’ which is tailored, offer Cremation only options.


This is primarily a financial services company in existence since 1887 under today’s guise of Ecclesiastical Planning Services.

All your payments are secured and only the management fee is taken as income. Many funds operate on a percentage payout annual or monthly basis meaning while the funeral cost increases, it is protected while a portion is taken as profit for the company.



One off – £2535 or 12 months interest free or instalments up to 60 months.


Includes: A wood effect coffin. Care of the deceased and preparation. Conveying of deceased to funeral home within 25 miles. Advice, guidance, paperwork. Funeral Director’s professional services and funeral arrangements. Hearse, Pallbearers, 30 day cancellation period.

: One off – £3605 or 12 months interest free or instalments up to 60 months.

Adds: £1200 towards disbursement contribution (FD, Medical, Minister, Cremation fees.)


Traditional: One off – £3915 or 12 months interest free or instalments up to 60 months.

Adds: Upgrade to veneered coffin. One limo. Chapel of Rest access 24/7 by appointment.


Complete: One off – £4280 or 12 months interest free or instalments up to 60 months.

Adds: Upgrade to superior veneered coffin. Two limos. Charitable donation collection.


Personal / Green Burial / Burial :


Upon Enquiry. Pre paid plans can be bought off plan, meaning you can tailor your own funeral arrangements along your own theme and still benefit from a monthly payment plan.


Includes: These custom funeral plans can add all your desires and wishes. Anything from memorial diamonds, burial at sea or woodland and with environmentally friendly coffin – woven, bamboo, shroud. Engage in a military funeral, have a motorcycle hearse with outriders.


Excel with Victorian horse drawn hearse or have a Grand American style casket. You could have Storm-troopers line the streets, or have a funeral service at your favourite football ground. Also arrange an order of Service with favourite pop songs or use wrap around imagery on the coffin itself.


Notes: All plans include £160 management fee. Disbursements are only a contribution, any difference will require paying upon event of death.


Payment schedule available between 24 and 60 months but costs not readily presented. This provider does not enable purchases online, you will have to call or email to complete any purchase.


Trust Held: Monies are not held directly in a trust, but instead positioned with a life assurance company in a whole of life assurance policy. It is not instantly clear whether this is held in a trust – they usually are but do enquire – for inheritance tax purposes your beneficiaries can save money if such a fund is in trust.

What we liked & disliked?

  • They’re registered with the FPA which have a strict code of conduct and guidelines every member should follow
  • Nationwide choice of accredited funeral directors
  • Portable plans, which means that if your chosen funeral director goes out of business, they will appoint another one.
  • Management fee of £160 which you’ll have to pay if you want to cancel outside of the cancellation period.
  • 30 day cancellation period

What’s guaranteed?

  • Funeral director services are guaranteed as is their advice and guidance with documentation & certification.
  • Funeral service on the day
  • Hearse
  • Coffin 
  • Moving the deceased to the funeral directors’ care within a 25 mile radius.

Once the plan is paid off, will my family have to pay anything extra?

If your funeral ends up costing more than the contribution can pay for then your family will have to pay the extra.

What Funeral plans do Perfect Choice offer?

Perfect Choice plans are designed to fit a range of budgets, with options starting at under £3,000. 


In addition to covering transportation and care costs for the deceased, each Perfect Choice funeral plan includes the services of an accredited funeral director to take care of necessary funerary arrangements.


There are several different prepaid plan options from which you can choose. You should make your program selections based on price, and the features that mean the most to you.


Perfect Choice have 4 options for set funeral plans, as well as a Personal Plan:


Basic plan: £2,535

The Basic Plan is Perfect Choice’s most affordable funeral package, with options starting at just £2,535, and it covers the cost of a funeral director’s services.


With this plan, my family and I are responsible for any third party costs, including cremation, doctors, and clergy fees. While I like that the Basic Plan gives me a great deal of control, I’m concerned about the additional costs that my loved ones would be fronting at the time of my funeral.


The Basic Plan includes the generic makings of a funeral. You receive a funeral director, funeral arrangements, registration of death, care for the deceased, a coffin, and a hearse. The cost is £2,535. While this option is standard, you can make it unique by adding a particular hymn or reading.


  • Funeral directors advice & guidance with documentation
  • Funeral services on the day
  • Hearse
  • Simple coffin
  • No contribution towards burial or cremation costs which is one of the largest costs and will need to be covered by next of kin / relatives when required.

Simple plan: £3,605


The Simple Plan starts at £3,605 and offers a more inclusive package that covers a portion of cremation costs and burial service fees. Perfect Choice will pay up to £1,150 towards medical fees for a cremation certificate, a minister’s or officiant’s fees, the cost of cremation, and the ability to add distinct readings or poems. If my funeral expenses exceed that amount, however, my family will be responsible for meeting any further costs.


The Simple Plan includes all of the same items as the Basic. The price increases to £3,605 for the extras.

  • All the above plus: £1,200 contribution towards cremation or burial fees.

Traditional plan: £3,915

The Traditional Plan takes my family’s emotional needs into consideration, offering an option to view the deceased and an upgrade to a veneered coffin.


In addition to providing a hearse, Perfect Choice will also supply my family and friends with a limousine for transportation to and from my funeral. Traditional Plans are a bit more expensive than Basic and Simple Perfect Choice packages, starting at £3,915.


The Traditional Plan does not cost much more than the Simple option, totalling in at £3,915. One limousine ride awaits family members so they can quickly make their way from the service to the burial site.


  • All the above plus: Veneered coffin
  • Use of chapel of rest for viewing
  • One limousine

Complete plan: £4,280


The Complete Plan is the most comprehensive funeral package that Perfect Choice offers. Starting at £4,280, this plan features a superior veneered coffin, two limousines for funeral attendees, while the option to view the deceased also takes place, and the collection and administration of charitable donations in the name of the deceased.


While I want my funeral to be memorable for friends and family, the Complete Plan is a little bit out of my price range and offers features that I don’t feel I need to incorporate into my funeral.


The Complete Plan goes above and beyond the others. The cost is steep for some, reaching £4,280, but it is well worth it for what the option includes.


  • All of the above plus: Superior veneered coffin
  • Two Limousines

What if I want something different?

Perfect Choice understands that not everyone wants a generic funeral that follows the same guidelines as anyone else’s. Their understanding nature is why they created the Personal Plan to allow you to make all of the rules. 


Every element gets designed by you.


They still offer some examples and help, but it is up to you to choose the final components. Many people opt for a theme, such as a burial at the sea, motorcycle hearse, customised picture coffin. You can take all the time you need to come up with your best possible funeral arrangements.


The Personal Plan allows me to customise every last detail of my funeral so that my friends and family don’t have to worry themselves over planning and preparation during a time of grief.


Personalised and themed packages vary in price, depending on a client’s requirements. While Personal Plan pricing isn’t quite as cut and dried as other Perfect Choice packages, I can still prepay for services to spare my loved ones any future financial burden.


Perfect Choice do have their “Personal Plan” where they have some examples of past ‘themed’ funerals. So you could choose whatever you want but there is no mention of pricing:


  • Military
  • Motorcycle hearse
  • Victorian horse-drawn hearse
  • Grand American-style coffin
  • Woven, environmentally friendly coffin
  • Memorial diamonds
  • Burial at sea
  • Burial in a woodland
  • Customised picture coffins

It is best to get a personal project quote before you start making your final decisions. The amount may surpass what you hoped to spend if you start adding in too many things. 


Choose a few criteria you “have to have” for your funeral, and get a quote based on those items. Ask about some extra considerations, and see how much your price rises with them included. It helps to have a quote before you set your plan in stone, just so you know what to expect.

What’s the Defaqto rating for Perfect Choice funeral plans?

As of 2018: We could not find any mention of Perfect Choice or Ecclesiastical Planning Services on the Defaqto page for funeral plan companies.

Do Perfect Choice offer ‘Green Funerals’?

Green Funerals are a wonderful idea for the environmentally conscious, using biodegradable coffins, low emissions vehicles, and no chemical embalming procedures. 


Eco-friendly woodland burials are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional burials in overcrowded graveyards. Perfect Choice can incorporate any number of “green” elements into their funeral plans, and prices vary depending on the services requested.

More info on Perfect Choice

Deciding on Perfect Choice comes down to personal choice, because of their many plan options. 

They do seem to have something for everyone and from what we can tell, seem to meet any budget. Only accredited funeral directors have plans with the company, which can only be a good thing.

They are all part of the National Association of Funeral Directors. Their professionalism ensures you receive the best help possible when making your decisions about your funeral plans.

With funeral costs on the rise, it’s better to start thinking about making funerary preparations sooner rather than later. Perfect Choice offers prepaid funeral plans with transparent pricing, letting me know exactly what funeral costs I’m paying for with each option.

Better yet, by securing a funeral director through Perfect Choice, I can guarantee that I’m locked in at today’s prices. All plans are backed by the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

How to pay for your plan?

Perfect Choice funeral plans are a convenient way to cover funeral costs, but choosing the right option can feel overwhelming. With a Perfect Choice plan, I could modify my funeral arrangements at any time, but there may be additional fees involved. 


Before choosing a Perfect Choice package, I need to ask myself which option is best for my loved ones and me, both emotionally and financially.


You have two options for paying your plan. You can pay the total amount in full at the time of your purchase, or you can make monthly payments. It is up to you to decide which option is best for your situation. Many choose to pay it in full so that the burden does not get left to their loved ones. If you were to pass before the payments are complete, they would then have to take over the responsibility.


Once you have selected your plan and come to terms with the money you will spend, you can then finalise the decision. Choosing your funeral arrangements is a great way to lessen the burden of your family, and ensure you have a part in how your final day will go. It is an option many people wish they had.

Our Opinion on Perfect Choice Funeral Plans

  • They’re registered with the FPA which is encouraging
  • Perfect Choice do not offer any guaranteed plans where the costs of the burial or cremation are guaranteed
  • This could mean your next of kin will have to pay any excess expense that is not covered by their plans
  • If you need to change funeral director for whatever reason, they may charge more which means you could have more to pay

Reviews of Perfect Choice Funeral Plans

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Countless people select their funeral options based on what is most convenient. A location that is close to home, or close to the cemetery where they hope to get buried, is often selected. 

There is much more to a plan than just convenience, you can compare funeral plans here. Funeral arrangements should be chosen based on what you desire. Perfect Choice offers several funeral options that help you get the funeral that is everything you could hope to have.

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"After my father passed without any arrangements, I had to sort everything out, it was difficult. I quickly decided that I didn’t want to leave my kids with that kind of burden. Now, I pay a small monthly amount and it’s such a relief..." - Steve Bailey, Hertfordshire
Steve Bailey

Perfect Choice helps families living nationwide to plan for the inevitable, offering flexible funeral plans that cater to the unique needs of clients. As a pensioner, I am drawn to Perfect Choice for their wide range of convenient prepaid pricing options and customisable funeral packages. I can create the perfect funeral plan within my budget and pay in advance, giving my loved ones and me peace of mind.

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