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Fosters is a funeral parlour primarily based in Scotland since 2005. Covering Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Falkirk, Cumnock, Kilmarnock, Dundee, Falkirk and Bellshill. They are specialists in pre paid funeral plans but also have a range of normal plans that can be paid outright when required.
While the funeral plan for Scotland is for all ages there may be a cut off point for monthly payments of age 75. Also where paying fixed monthly payments and you cancel the plan, there will be no refunds of premiums made.

How much does it cost?


Actually costs for pre paid funeral plans are average with the usual add ons for higher packagers, a better coffin, more or inclusion of limos and an upgrade on hearse vehicle.

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Common Questions About Fosters Funeral Directors

What Funeral Plans Do Fosters Offer?


Simple: One off – £2355 or £196.25 a month


Includes: Simple coffin – fully lined and fitted, Funeral Director services, Advice, support and guidance, Documents, Care and preparation of the deceased, Hearse and funeral staff, Hearse is a Mercedes-Benz V class, Funeral time restrictions, Transportation directly from funeral home to place of service, Chapel of Rest during office hours, Cremation, burial or interment fees, Minister or Officiant’s fee.


Bronze: One off – £2595 or £216.25 a month


Adds: Wood effect coffin, Upgrade to Mercedes-Benz E class Hearse, Mutual agreement of funeral time and date, Funeral procession choice of route,


Silver: One off – £2780 or £231.66 a month


Adds: Quality wood effect coffin, 1 limousine (1 x Mercedes Benz E class), Chapel of Rest appointment at any time by appointment,


Gold: One off – £2920 or £243.33 a month


Adds: High quality wood veneer coffin, 1 limousine (2 x Mercedes-Benz E class),


Notes: Any package can be tailored but may have additional costs embedded. These costs and a breakdown of each item to be added can be found on the website.

Trust Held: Unsure

What’s Guaranteed?

The provision of the plan is fully guaranteed, meaning all particulars mentioned will be provided for at the time of death. Wishes while they may be added may either be paid for at the time or remain as requests to the family to pursue and afford at the time.




  • Acceptance no matter condition of health
  • Available to all above the age of 18
  • Even if you live past 100 years of age, the plan covers you
  • Fosters pay any additional transport fee if you die on holiday or away from home in Scotland. Otherwise £1 per mile charged in rest of UK.

Not Guaranteed:


  • If you die within first two years of starting the plan on a fixed monthly plan.
  • Pre Need plan may have limit of age 75 for applications
  • If pay by fixed monthly payments there is no cash value in the event of cancellation
  • Repatriation

Does that mean I (or my family) will have to pay money on top?

There is no mention that Disbursements may not be met in full, you should enquire as to whether all funeral clauses will be realised. And exactly which disbursements Fosters have planned for.

What If I Want Something Different?

You can tailor any and all packages however each item will have a fee attached and will be bolted on to the cost of the funeral plan before it is broken down into monthly payments – which will also increase.


How Does A Fosters Plan Work?


Slightly different to other vendors in the UK. yes they supply a funeral plan but not if you die within two years on a fixed monthly payment scheme and there’s a high cancellation charge too. 


Even if you do cancel you get nothing in return. They will supply a funeral even if you move but only if the address is in Scotland. Otherwise the plan will be with you once paid ad allocated to the nearest funeral director in time of need.

Will my money be safe?

There is no mention of Trust Fund that we could find nor adherence or membership to the Funeral Planning Authority.

Any Cancellation fees?

Yes a charge of £499. If you cancel within 28 days all payments will be returned with no charge made.

Will my plan stay the same if I move house?

Yes. But only in Scotland.

What happens to my plan if I die before paying the full amount?

Your next of kin or Executor would be required to pay the remaining sum if it’s not already paid in full.

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