Dignity Funeral Plans Review

Our own independent review of Dignity funerals PLC the funeral plan company, based on findings from their own website as well as other sources freely available online.

Limitations of Dignity Funeral Plans

  • Worth noting Dignity make more from people buying funerals at the time of need vs pre paying for a funeral plan, which in turn means Dignity funeral directors may feel the need to up-sell add ons to 'make up their profit margins' to pre purchased funeral plans

  • Burial fees are not guaranteed but a contribution of £1,220 which is generous compared to the competition

How much are Dignity funeral plans?


There are four prepaid funeral plans available, and Dignity provides a clear, easy to read chart that outlines each plan.

  • Limited plan – Full: £2,995; or from £15.75 a month
  • Amber plan – Full: £3,395; or from £17.86 per month
  • Pearl plan – Full: £3,775; or from £19.85 per month
  • Diamond plan – Full: £4,035; or from £21.22 per month

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Questions on Dignity's funeral plans

What we dislike about Dignity funeral plans?

It has been discussed at length on various websites that Dignity’s funeral directors charge a lot more than their local competition.

Dignity themselves are offering funeral plans that are cheaper than their own fleet of funeral directors which means that their funeral directors may suffer losses as a result. Or reduce their prices.

So in this case if your local FD can offer just as good a service at a better price (as well as a more personal service).

It is also reasoned that Dignity have the market share of the most expensive Crematoriums throughout the UK which gives them an advantage. Again, something which some local funeral directors offer at a lower cost.

Regarding their plans: If you choose to pay in instalments over 12 months there is an instalment charge – it’s unclear what the amount is.

What’s guaranteed?

Dignity guarantee the following for their 4 plans mentioned above:

  • Funeral director costs
  • Cremation Fee
  • Ministers’ fees

Burial is not guaranteed but offers a £1,220 contribution towards burial costs, plot & minister’s fees – this does increase every year in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI).

Will my money be safe?

Monies taken for funeral plans from Dignity Pre Arrangement Ltd are held in the National Funeral Trust, a separate entity to Dignity.

What's included in cost of funeral plans?

Limited plan – Full: £2,995; or from £15.75 a month


  • Guarantee on Funeral Director Services (Services on the day, guidance & help with documentation/certificates)
  • Basic Coffin
  • Hearse
  • Use of Chapel of Rest
  • Full guarantee on Cremation costs & associated minister’s fees
  • Contribution of £1,220 towards burial costs & associated minister’s fees (increases yearly with Retail Price Index)
  • Restriction on times for funeral (Must be before 10.30am or after 3.30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays)
  • Obligation of using one of 800 Dignity Funeral Directors for funeral services (not allowed to use an independent even if they work with Dignity)
  • Collection and transportation of the deceased to the Funeral Director’s premises, at anytime, 24 hours a day (50 mile radius)
  • Viewing of the deceased weekdays during office hours by agreed appointment

Amber plan – Full: £3,395; or from £17.86 per month


  • All of the above plus
  • Wood effect coffin
  • Choice of over 1200 funeral directors

Pearl plan – Full: £3,775; or from £19.85 per month


  • All of the above plus
  • Quality wood effect coffin
  • One Limousine

Diamond plan – Full: £4,035; or from £21.22 per month


  • All of the above plus
  • High quality wood veneer coffin
  • Two Limousines
  • Viewing of the deceased anytime 24/7

How much does a Dignity funeral plan cost per month?

There are currently four plans to choose from and each has an added extra from additional limousines to a more expensive coffin or casket. You may also adapt plans throughout the lifetime of certain policies which is always good to know.

Limited Plan: 


  • One off – £2,995 or 12 months at £249.58 interest free.
  • 24 months at £131.98 = £3167.64.
  • 36 months at £90.45 = £3256.43.
  • 60 months at £57.17 = £3430.55.
  • 120 months at £31.99 = £3839.96.
  • 300 months at £15.75 = £4726.86.



  • Choice of Cremation; covers Crem fees and standard funeral service.
  • Or Burial; contribution of £1,220 towards burial costs, plot and religious leader fees.
  • RPI linked. Advice and guidance, funeral director support.
  • Paperwork covered, managing transportation (50 mile radius), co-ordination between parties and preparation of deceased.
  • Basic coffin. Chapel of Rest access – office hours.
  • Hearse, arranging funeral service and pallbearers.
  • Funeral procession to crematorium / burial site.
  • Restricted days and times for funeral.
  • Personalise plan with readings / psalms.
  • 24 hour plan and bereavement support.





  • One off – £3,395 or 12 months at £282.91 interest free.
  • 24 months at £149.61 = £3590.69.
  • 36 months at £102.53 = £3691.35.
  • 60 months at £64.81 = £3888.72.
  • 120 months at £36.27 = £4352.81.
  • 300 months at £17.86 = £5358.16.



  • Assembly of flowers, tributes and manages charitable donations.
  • Upgrade to wood effect coffin.
  • Enables own booking of funeral time and date.
  • Able to upgrade plan any time or make special additions at an extra cost.



  • One off – £3,775 or 12 months at £314.58 interest free.
  • 24 months at £166.35 = £3992.60.
  • 36 months at £114.01 = £4104.52.
  • 60 months at £72.06 = £4323.98.
  • 120 months at £40.33 = £4840.01.
  • 300 months at £19.85 = £5957.89.



  • Upgrade to quality wood effect coffin.
  • Includes a limousine for funeral procession to service location and then to crematorium or burial site.
  • Allows for complimentary thank you cards.

One off – £4,035 or 12 months at £336.25 interest free.
24 months at £177.81 = £4267.58.
36 months at £121.86 = £4387.22.
60 months at £77.02 = £4621.79.
120 months at £43.11 = £5173.37.
300 months at £21.22 = £6368.24.

: Upgrade to high quality veneer wood.
Visit Chapel of Rest any time 24/7 with appointment.
Includes two limos for procession.

Monthly payment cost shown is majority, final single month payment is slightly higher.
Quotes include instalment charges.
Doesn’t include embalming.
Unlike some other plans, payment has to be finalised by the 85th birthday and not 80th.

What's not included in the cost of funeral plans?

At the time of writing, Dignity Funeral Plans work with approximately 800 – 1,200 funeral directors, depending on the plan selected. Dignity also outlines that these charges are not covered in your plan.

  • Medical certification fees
  • Embalming
  • Repatriation from outside the UK
  • Costs with changes in regulations, tax, or laws.

For burials there’s a contribution of £1,220 towards burial costs & minister’s fees. Other discretionary costs not covered by some funeral plans are flowers, catering service, service cards, organist, or choir.

As with most funeral plans the following items are also not covered:

  • Burial Plots
  • Headstones (can be quite expensive if you plan on having a burial)
  • Memorials

What happens if I die before paying off my Dignity funeral plan?

If there are any outstanding instalments at death, your appointed personal representative will have to cover the full balance of the remainder of the plan before a funeral can take place.


There is really only one option with this plan if a person dies before a payment plan is completed. Should the holder die early, a relative or friend would need to pay the pre-agreed balance to receive the funeral.


Now if this was taken out five years earlier this could still be a considerable saving considering the higher cost of a funeral due to price rises in that time. No cancellation will occur upon early death but there’s also no mention of refunds.

What's Dignity's Defaqto rating?

As of 2018 the Defaqto rating for Dignity Funerals is as follows:


  • Diamond Plan: 5/5 Stars
  • Pearl Plan: 4/5 Stars
  • Limited & Amber Plans: 3/5 Stars.

What are the cancellation fees / policy?

You have 30 days from the date you received your agreement to cancel at no charge. 

If you cancel outside the 30 days there’s a £395 cancellation fee.


Here’s how to cancel:

Notify Dignity by completing and returning the cancellation form entitled “Notice of the Right to Cancel” which will be included with the documents that make up your Agreement or otherwise notify them in writing, by telephone or by email;


– Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited,

4 King Edwards Court, King Edwards Square, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B73 6AP

– 0800 587 2541

– planinfo@dignityuk.co.uk

Any notification of cancellation should specify all of the following details: (i) the Plan number; (ii) the full name and address of the Planholder (iii) the Planholder’s date of birth; and (iv) a telephone number and/or email address for contact purposes should there be any issue with the cancellation.

There will be additional security questions where the Plan is cancelled by telephone or by e-mail.

Provided they receive such notification within 30 days of entering into the Agreement, they will refund all the money you have paid within 14 days of us receiving notification of cancellation.

What if I move house?

They state there will be no extra cost incurred if you move home.

What happens when I purchase a plan from Dignity?

When you take out a Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan, you will get a packet that has all the details of your plan, so your loved ones will know who to contact. They will only need to make one phone call, and a Dignity Funeral Director will contact them and assist them with every detail along with the unique wishes you have included.

Why Dignity Funerals Ltd?

Head Quartered in the West Midlands this company has partnerships with over 1200 funeral directors across the UK enabling you to move around with plan in tow and still benefit from a funeral service as and when required.


These plans are entwined and can offer burial and cremation services in the same package, though grave plot is not included and the amount towards burial is instead listed as an RPI linked contribution.


Dignity introduced the first funeral plan in 1985. Each and every of the 1,200+ funeral directors in their plan guarantees professional, sympathetic service to your family.


You want your family to be in good hands, and Dignity promises they will be for your funeral. Dignity is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority, a consumer protection agency that oversees funeral plan companies.

How do dignity Funeral plans work?

You can pay a lump sum or instalments. This money is then placed into a separate trust fund with trustees to safeguard your money and ensure it is used for the funeral you plan. You pay today’s rates, versus what the price increase for your funeral could end up being down the road. The majority of your funeral expenses are taken care of, and your family won’t have to worry about plans during the grieving process.

Our Opinion on Dignity Funeral Plans

Dignity is a stand out funeral plan company that’s been established since 1985. They offer comprehensive plans that are clearly explained.  They are rated highly on Defaqto. Their burial allowance is amongst the highest in the industry.  They also guarantee the cremation fee.


  • Defaqto rated 5/5 stars for it’s most expensive plan, but 3/5 stars for the least expensive plans.
  • Dignity are registered members of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) while they do not carry the same weight as the FCA they do have strict guidelines in place.
  • Most importantly Dignity seem to be providing the service and plans people want at a price they can afford.

Dignity Funeral Plan Customer Reviews

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