Chosen Heritage 2018 Review

This company, Heritage Funeral Plans began life in 1985 in the early days of funeral plans. Since then the market became very competitive and smaller funds such as Chosen Heritage, itself with name changes in the 80s and 90s to Funeral Plans Limited and then Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited became much bigger and joined with other associates – In that time it had sold over 100,000 plans to people across the UK.

The Current Status Of Chosen Heritage Pre Paid Funeral Plans

As an early adopter of rules and regulations, monitored today by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) it has a sister fund, though unrelated to the main company as per a recognised Code of Practice, named National Funeral Trust.

This money is safe and even though many years have past continues to invest and is ready to pay out in time of need thanks to carefully appointed trustees and annual reviews.

Is The Chosen Heritage Plan Still Active?

Although the Heritage plan is now overseen by Dignity, as long as you have met all the terms and conditions of payment in your original documentation then the plan is still active and will be available at the time of need.

How To Claim

Simply contact Dignity via the 24/7 phone number either on their website or via any updated correspondence that was received from them at take over and formalise the procedure and make a claim. At which point the next of kin will be contacted by the nominated Funeral director for full plan coverage.

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