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Finally a funeral plan provider that gives you more choice than you could ever imagine. One presumes it should be possible to buy a tailored plan from all suppliers but with this one calling themselves Choice it is apparent that this is certainly what you can get.

Compare Choice prepaid plans and see how much you can save.

Having looked at quite a few plans I prefer a provider to state up front and include disbursements whenever possible. 

Choice does not. Such fees are for cremation or cemetery fee, doctor’s fee and minister’s fee. Although seemingly celebrant is covered with both of the first two plans with “Funeral Director and ceremonial staff to attend the service.” Perhaps they just mean pallbearers?

Limitations of Choice Plans

  • Embalming is at an extra charge within basic plan
  • The administration fee in any cancellation event appears to be £500
  • Plan is not transferable to any third party unless beginning as a joint plan one would suspect
  • Third party charges (disbursements) that you may decide to include may need topping up from time to time or the balance proffered by next of kin at time of death.

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Questions About Choice Funeral Plans

How much are Choice Funeral Plans?

It may sound insane but it is entirely up to you. 


The basic packages start out at £2695 and it’s £200 extra for Choice Plus which undertakes to include Embalming and a first limousine. 


However the MyChoice package could for instance include provisions for five limos, two celebrants, a memorial service, an additional amount for third party costs such as flowers which would be noted as a contribution.


There could also be an additional fee towards disbursements to make up any possible shortfall not originally accounted for. 


There are aspects which fall into the category of ‘wishes’ and are not possible to account for financially, you could set aside a sum of money for this too. Also at any time you can add in upgrades or further customise during the plan’s lifetime. It’s your choice.

What Funeral Plans Do Choice Prepaid Funerals Offer?

Choice Essentials: One off – £2,695




  • A light oak effect veneer coffin. 
  • Funeral Director services. 
  • Conveying deceased to funeral home within 25 mile radius. 
  • Advice, guidance and paperwork. 
  • Preparation and care of deceased. 
  • Supply of Hearse from your home to service. 
  • The required staff for the funeral which may include pallbearers.
  • Family viewings and access to Chapel of Rest.

Choice Plus: One off – £2,895

Adds: One limousine. Embalming.


My Choice: One off – £POA

Adds: With Choice funerals pre paid plans can absolutely be customised. 


However, only parts where prices can be fully estimated in advance can be added, otherwise it may simply be a Wish list that should be adhered to by next of kin at the time of the funeral service. 


Money for such could be allocated to a solicitor or remain in a bank account or indeed a sum added to grow in line with the plan – we believe, please ask them.




Trust Held: It is not clear from the outset that a Trust fund is used though it’s not essential. They indicate that monies are deposited with a UK provider of whole-of-life assurance policy which is basically a policy taken out by them on you. In the event you die the plan pays out to reimburse fees with a bit on top.

What’s Guaranteed?

Occasionally terms and conditions reveal more about stated funeral plan particulars than the parts show. 


There aren’t any defects of this nature at first glance. It’s not a case of contribution to disbursement, it’s stated they will cover what is actually listed. Actually disbursements aren’t included which is why there’s no noticeable defects. Other than the £500 cancellation fee.




  • 10% off any additional services
  • £100 towards a headstone at time of need
  • £100 off Will and Testament services / Legal services
  • All detailed provisions of the plans will be supplied upon death
  • 24 hour Bereavement Advice helpline throughout plan’s lifetime


Not Guaranteed:


  • Within the MyChoice package it is not possible to guarantee ALL wishes unless absolutely detailed and costs accounted for.
  • Choice cannot be held responsible for service performance and standards of third parties.
  • The biggie. You may often see the following mentioned ‘A disbursement allowance to cater for cremation or cemetery fee, doctor’s fee and minister’s fee.’ This disbursement with Choice falls under ‘Third party costs’ which are not covered but they can include upon request.

Does that mean I (or my family) will have to pay money on top?

Yes, all was going swimmingly until we noticed disbursements were missing and fell under third party costs. It is possible to include those and others mentioned above though if an amount that is expected to grow falls short of the amount required, this will have to be picked up by those arranging the funeral.


The sum on top could be significant enough for you to compare pre paid funeral plans further but at the same time it is perhaps better to include disbursements than it is to leave them to be paid whole by someone else upon your death.

What If I Want Something Different?

“It does exactly what it says on the tin” Bespoke, tailored, choice. 


The best funeral plan package they offer is entirely your choice, it is entitled MyChoice. You can in essence have a brass band with Star Wars Troopers, a tour of your football ground on the way with a stop off for a ceremony and a look a like Elton John all at one funeral but can it planned for financially? Not entirely.

How Does A Choice Prepaid Funeral Plan Work?

Essentially you are provided a detailed invoice and account of exactly what your funeral plan covers. This will form a part of the Certificate of Entitlement, both a receipt and information pertaining to the funeral itself which is why you are always told to keep it safe.


Your lump sum or monthly payments of whichever duration will pay for the exact funeral that is detailed in the documents. Any third party costs may fall short but also may not. The funeral will be carried out by a choice Funeral Director and to your wishes.

Will my money be safe?

Choice are registered with the FPA but as they undertake an annual review please do check. As stated above this is not a Trust fund but a whole of life policy which is lodged with a third party. 


It could turn out to be much more covered by the authorities than a standard FPA Trust Fund review, because it will have to adhere to the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Choice are certainly not keen on losing anybody’s money.

Any Cancellation Fees?

With this pre paid funeral plan provider if you cancel within 30 days not only will they be sorry to see you go (leave…) but they refund all payments made up until that point. 


However after that duration has passed a cancellation fee for admin will be deducted and then the payments made so far, returned to you. Elsewhere in the terms they state that fee is a whopping £500.00.

Will my plan stay the same if I move house?

In essence you would like to think that a funeral plan would remain in place no matter where you move in the UK. 


The simple fact of the matter is that not all of these pre paid plan networks are large, some have 1000 funeral directors and others 250 but each still claim to have ‘local’ covered. If for instance you believe you may move from Portsmouth to somewhere remote in Scotland, it may be worth asking how local the funeral might still be.

What happens to my plan if I die before paying the full amount?

Website errors can often be fantastic. 


If you die Choice would like you to let them know. You personally. Minus the mistake their refund policy in the event is actually quite good compared to some others. 


The person arranging the funeral can let them know and they will either refund all payments to date or that person can make up the shortfall and they will supply the funeral service as it would have been had the plan been finalised.


From Terms 7.3: Equally should the holder die overseas and is repatriated the policy will kick in, should you not be brought back to the UK unfortunately the policy will die with you and cease to be of any use.

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