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Avalon Funerals is one of many providers that can handle your funeral and here you can learn more about what they offer, the type of plans they have, and if they are the right provider for your needs.

Limitations of Avalon Funeral Plans

  • Cremation & Minister fees not guaranteed
  • 3rd party allowance is £1,000
  • Possible limited choice of funeral directors

How much are funeral plans from Avalon?

Balmoral £3,645
Highgrove £3,995
Windsor Way £4,295

First, it’s important to fully understand a funeral plan before you jump in and buy one today.

Different providers offer funeral plans that allow you to pay one lump sum for a variety of services.

Depending on the plan you choose or the provider you use, this could cover as little or as much as you would like.

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Questions on Avalon Funeral Plans

What we disliked?

Some providers will only contribute a portion of the funeral costs concerning things like burial or cremation while others will cover the whole thing (where they state guaranteed) or exclude it all together.


That is why it’s important to find a provider that is completely transparent about all their services and doesn’t have any hidden fees.


Prices on Avalon’s site are now available which means people can digest in their own time and make an informed decision on what’s best for their needs and situation, once all the facts and figures are taken in and compared to other offers.


Funeral plans allow you to thoroughly plan out your funeral in advance, including paying for it. This ensures that you get everything you want without leaving your family members to guess which is the right decision.


It’s also cost effective because you can lock in at the current price (at the time of signing up) and not have to worry about the rising costs of funerals.

What’s guaranteed?

Avalon assure that there will be nothing more to pay on the day for the following (depending on which plan you choose):

  • Funeral director services (guidance & help with docs)
  • Services on the day
  • Coffin
  • Hearse
  • Limousine
  • Transportation of the deceased

None of their plans guarantee burial or cremation fees, there is however a contribution of £1,000 towards  disbursements.

Will my money be safe?

The money you pay for your plan will go into the Avalon Funeral Trust which is managed by Independent Trustees, until it is time to arrange your funeral. The pay monthly option goes to a whole of life policy which is protected by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What's included in the funeral costs?

With Avalon, you can choose from three different plans, the Balmoral plan, the Highgrove plan, and the Winsor Way plan. Each plan includes various services and the higher you go, the more each plan costs. Avalon does not list their prices online, which might be a bit troubling.


The Veterans plan includes all the honours that someone who has served our country deserves including the Union Jack or flag of your armed forces service branch, a Poppy wreath, The Last Post and Reveille played at your funeral, a standard bearer and more. The Terriers plan is especially for Huddersfield Town fans and is one of the only kind in the area.



  • Funeral director guidance with documentation
  • Funeral director services on the day
  • Transport of the deceased anywhere in England, Scotland & Wales
  • Basic Coffin
  • Hearse
  • £1,000 allowance to go towards disbursement costs (This increases every July in line with the Consumer Price Index or CPI)



  • All of the above, plus
  • Quality Veneered Coffin
  • Use of the chapel of rest
  • Hearse + 1 Limousine

Windsor Way:


  • All of the above plus
  • A High Quality Veneered Coffin
  • Hearse + 2 Limousines


Every plan includes an allowance towards disbursement costs such as burial, cremation and minister fees of £1,000 as well as medical certification and newspaper notices (the allowance may may not cover all of the costs).

How much does an Avalon funeral cost per month?

In today’s world which gets smaller by the second thanks to ability to travel and work from home, Avalon has a unique offering that stands out from the rest. A funeral plan service that operates in two different countries.

Should you reside in more than one – any of those denoted below you can have Dual Certification enabling a funeral plan to qualify for use in either.

: Cost upon enquiry.
Includes: Basic Coffin. Funeral Director services. Catering for funeral arrangements. Transport of deceased to the funeral home.
Advice, guidance and paperwork. Preparation and care of deceased.
Supply of Hearse.
The required staff for the funeral.
A disbursement allowance to cater for cremation or cemetery fee, doctor’s fee and minister’s fee.

: Cost upon enquiry.
Adds: One following limousine (1).
Quality veneered coffin.
Visit of Chapel of Rest during office hours.

: Cost upon enquiry.
Adds: A second limousine (2).
Supply full list of floral tributes.
High quality veneered coffin.

Military Veterans Funeral Plan:
 Cost upon enquiry.

Special touches
: Draped flag over the coffin, a poppy wreath and a Standard Bearer.
A donation to a military charity.
A memorial website.
Catering for personal requests and full funeral as requested and planned for.

Football Fans
: Cost upon enquiry.

Special touches
: Coffin in club colours or with wrap around imagery.
Funeral held at your football club with room hire or pitch side service.
Funeral procession to, from or past the ground if funeral held elsewhere.
Personal requests and full funeral service and services as required and planned for.

International Funeral Plans
: Cost upon enquiry.
Includes: Can offer dual certification in-between any two of the following countries; Britain, Germany, Spain, Canary Islands, Portugal and Cyprus. Individual tailored to each client.
No age limit. 24 hour bereavement line with English support in Europe.
Plans available in both GBP and Euros.

: Disbursement contribution rises in line with Consumer Prices index annually.
No age limits and guaranteed acceptance.
Funds held in trust with independent trustees separate of the company.
All plans are flexible and can be upgraded or added to.
Payments are also flexible with time off during bad periods and ability to increase a monthly payment should you feel the need.
Payment terms can be arranged for up to ten years.
Plans do not include grave purchase. Cancellation charge of £395 after 30 days.

What's NOT included in the funeral costs?

There are a number of things that are not covered in any plan with Avalon.


  • Cremation is not guaranteed, they have a £1,000 allowance for that which may not cover the cost – relatives may have to pay for any difference in price.
  • If you decide on a burial, the cost of a grave plot is not included.
  • If you are late or miss any payments for additional services in your plan, you will not be able to get those services.
  • If your disbursement costs go above your allowance, your representatives will have to pay extra for those.
  • If you die outside of the UK, the cost of repatriation is not included.

What happens if I die before paying off my Avalon plan??

The funeral plan will not provide your chosen funeral unless it’s been paid off in full.


If you die before paying off the Avalon funeral plan then it’s up to your representatives to pay the remaining balance. 


Avalon will send them a closing statement showing the outstanding balance, this will include any additional amount that needs to be paid if the actual disbursement costs (burial or cremation etc) are more than the disbursements limit plus the annual uplifts in CPI.


From there your family/relatives can choose to either cancel the policy at a £395 charge, or pay the remainder off themselves (or provide a clear commitment to) in full before the funeral can be arranged.

What’s the Defaqto rating for Avalon?

Avalon Funerals has a 3 star Defaqto rating as of 2018 for all of their plans.

What are the cancellation fees?

Avalon offer a 30 day free cancellation period – after the 30 days have passed if you want to cancel the charge is £395.

What if I move house?

If you tell them that you’ve moved house Avalon will appoint a new funeral director local to your new house at no extra cost. If at the time of need you tell them you’ve moved house, there will be a fee to pay.

What is dual certification?

Dual certification means if you also live in the following countries you may choose to have a funeral abroad:

  • Cyprus
  • Spain
  • The Canaries
  • Portugal

Our Opinion On Avalon Funeral Plans

We feel this funeral provider is on the expensive side for what you get.


If you travel in the UK a lot, or live abroad (see dual certification) it may be a good fit, otherwise we’d suggest keep looking – see our compare funeral plans page.


  • No full guarantee for disbursement costs: Burial/Cremation, Ministers fees, a contribution of £1,000 which may not be adequate cover.
  • They are members of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)

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