Asda Funeral Plan Review

How Does Asda's "Over 50's Life Cover" Compare To Alternatives?

  • They are resellers of Liverpool Victoria (LV) as well as Dignity funeral care 
  • What you’re buying is over 50’s life insurance, either capped or uncapped, they also have a 3rd option named pre paid funeral plan benefit, which is where Dignity come into the mix

Questions about Asda Over 50's Cover / Funeral Benefit Option...

How much does ASDA life insurance cost?

ASDA coverage costs vary from person to person, but prices are transparent and start as low as £5 per month for a Standard Plan. While ASDA’s Standard Plans are inexpensive, they are also uncapped. This means that you may end up paying more into my insurance plan than my loved ones get out of it.

What we liked?

Like many of over 50’s, you may plan on using your life insurance payout to help cover funeral costs so that the burden doesn’t fall on your family. You probably want to find a life insurance policy that offers me the most value for money. A capped premium, unlike ASDA’s Standard Plan, would allow you to set a limit on how much you pay into your insurance policy. With one of ASDA’s capped plans, you will never pay in more than the plan pays out to your loved ones. Capped plans through ASDA Life Cover are slightly more expensive than uncapped plans, starting at £15 per month.

What we disliked?

While the premiums keeps costs low, it also means that contributions may well cover less in the future due to inflation and the rising costs of funeral services.

If you want to cover the majority of your own funeral expenses, you will have to take inflation into account and potentially leave behind a larger amount than you first anticipated.


It seems quite a complicated way of offering life insurance. They offer up two scenarios where we summarise:

1. Uncapped over 50’s life cover: You pay monthly premiums for up to 30 years. If you die in under 30 years time the payout will be more than you’ve paid. They state there’s a risk you could over pay if you live beyond the 30 years.

2. Capped over 50’s life cover: You pay monthly premiums to build up the amount/level of cover you want. You never pay more than your chosen amount of cover.

When does my life insurance plan go into effect?

ASDA’s Over 50s insurance policies don’t go into effect immediately.

Full coverage is only available after 12 months, which means that if you were to pass away within a year, your premium would not pay out to your loved ones.

ASDA would, however, return the value of the premiums that you had paid in with no interest.

Your loved ones could also still claim the £300 contribution from Dignity to help cover a portion of your funeral costs, but they would have to pay for an immediate burial service in full at the time.

Who will be providing my funeral plan services?

While ASDA do not offer a stand-alone funeral plan, the company offers funeral benefits as part of their Over 50s Life Cover program.

ASDA Life Cover offers affordable life insurance coverage for UK seniors between the ages of 50 and 80.

Dignity is one of the leading providers of funeral services nationwide, and they collaborate with ASDA to bring affordable funerals to over 50’s.

To receive a £300 Funeral Benefit contribution from Dignity, you would have to agree to use one of their accredited funeral directors for your service.

While you may prefer to have more freedom of control over your funeral, Dignity has over 750 funeral directors working in the UK from which you can choose.

What’s the Defaqto rating for Asda life insurance?

Asda uncapped premiums for over 50’s get 5 stars from Defaqto Asda capped premiums for over 50’s get 3 stars.

Are there cancellation fees?

You can cancel within 30 days and get a full refund of premiums paid. After that there’s no refunds.


If you end up changing your mind, it’s easy to cancel the Dignity Funeral Benefit option. You would simply have to contact Dignity, and your ASDA insurance policy would carry on as normal while your funeral benefits were removed from the plan.


With the rising price of funerals, though, you may already know that you’ll need help paying for a burial or cremation service.

What does the Dignity funeral benefit cover?

By selecting the Funeral Benefit Option when you sign up for an ASDA Over 50s plan, your family receives an extra £300 to work with when paying for a funeral. When an ASDA life insurance policy pays out, the Funeral Benefit is included in the lump sum that goes directly towards funeral expenses.

What happens to the ‘funeral plan benefit’ if I die?

You may not be entitled to the funeral plan benefit if you’ve had it under 12 months.

What other options are available to me?

The Over 50s policy may be one, but it is not the only option. You want to consider all other options, so you are sure you are ready to settle on this solution. A typical insurance policy and savings account or two additional choices for handling funeral and end-of-life costs. Have a look through our funeral plan reviews page.

Our Opinion on Asda Life Insurance

So to summarise here’s the main points of this over 50’s life insurance product by Asda.
  • Very cheap starting at only £5/month, but be aware funeral costs may not be fully covered meaning your relatives may have to pay the difference from their own pocket.
  • The life cover will not be ‘active’ until you’ve paid 12 months worth of premiums
  • The funeral benefit cover is by Dignity a very well respected funeral plan company
  • A big deal-breaker is that if you were to die within 12 months of starting the plan they may only pay what you’ve paid in (without any interest) and it would be paid out to your estate and not to Dignity – leaving your family to pay the rest.

Asda Life Insurance Customer Reviews

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