Age UK Funeral Plan Review

Ever increasing funeral prices are forcing the 50 plus generation to look into alternatives such as Age UK funeral plans. This ensures they pay today’s prices, potentially saving money in the long run….
  • Burial fees are not guaranteed - however they contribute £1,220
  • Not entirely sure you get a great deal more when comparing the most expensive Rowan plan (£4,035) Vs the Ivy Plan(£3,395)

How much do Age UK funeral plans cost?

As with most providers, there’s 4 ‘levels’ to choose from


– Basic £2,995
– Ivy £3,395
– Holly £3,775
– Rowan £4,035


If you wanted to spread payments over 12 months there are no extra charges. You only pay off the exact amount, minus the deposit – check our funeral calculator to compare what you get and monthly vs upfront costs.

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Common Questions About Age UK's plans

What do you get with an Age UK plan?


There are no age restrictions to an Age UK plan. There are no hidden fees, and all Age UK prepaid funeral plans include a funeral director fee as standard, which some companies do not offer. It also includes cremation fees and minister fees which are not a standard feature found within many plans. Age UK also has one of the largest burial contributions available, if that is what you prefer.


Here’s what you get when you buy with AgeUK:


Basic Plan – In summary:


– Cremation cost & ministers’ fees are guaranteed.
– Burial cost is a contribution of £1,220 (increases with RPI).
– Transportation of the deceased within 50 mile radius.
– Basic Coffin
– Preparation of the body
– Family Viewing
– Funeral Director services
– Funeral procession from funeral directors onto crematorium or burial site
– Hearse
– NO Limousine
– Visit to the chapel of rest at any time, by agreed appointment
– The days and times you can have the funeral are restricted to before 10.30am and after 3.30pm Tuesday – Thursday.
– Limited to 800 funeral directors- No additional contributions allowed.


What you get when choosing with the Ivy Plan:


All the above plus:

– Wood effect coffin (instead of a basic one)

– Funeral director and staff to attend service

– Normal business hours on the day and time you want the funeral.

– Additional contributions are allowed.


Holly Plan: All the above plus:


– A “Quality” Wood effect coffin (instead of a ‘wood effect coffin’)

– Not sure there will be much difference there!!

– A Limousine for the mourners

– Free thank you cards (!)


Rowan Plan: All the above plus:


– 2 Limousines

– “A high quality wood veneer coffin”

What isn’t covered with an AgeUK funeral plan?

Age UK plans do not include medical certification fees, so if your death requires a coroner investigation, you will not need to pay a medical certification fee.

There is also no medical certification fee in Scotland but if the funeral takes place outside of Scotland and there is no coroner investigation, the next of kin will have to pay the medical fee.

Additionally, none of the plans AgeUK offer cover the following items/services:

– Embalming
– Burial plot
– Memorial or headstone
– Flowers
– Catering
– Wake
– Costs for removing artificial limbs and mechanisms such as pacemakers.

They ask to refer to the terms for a more comprehensive list of what’s not covered.

What we like about AgeUK funeral plans?


AgeUK sell on behalf of Dignity, who provide the funeral plans. You may be able to get a better price going through AgeUK than via Dignity, as they have preferential rates.


AgeUK is very well established and we feel Dignity are one of the best providers you can get.

Cancellation fee if requested after 30 days, seems to be only £95 – a lot less than competitors.

One of the other benefits of choosing an Age UK funeral plan is that you will have support every step of the way.


funeral director will help guide you through the entire process, so you know what you’re getting and choose what fits your needs best.


Even after you’re gone, your family will have access to support from a free 24-hour bereavement counsellor.

What’s guaranteed?

Cremation costs are guaranteed, this is much better than an allowance or contribution.

What happens if I die before paying off the Age UK funeral plan?

AgeUK state that they will go ahead and provide the funeral – but the personal representative will have to make sure the balance is paid off before the funeral can proceed.

What’s the Defaqto rating for AgeUK plans?

In 2018 Defaqto have rated AgeUK as follows:- Rowan Plan: 5 star- Holly Plan: 4 star- Basic & Ivy Plan: 3 star

What are the cancellation fees?


There is a £95 cancellation fee if you request a refund after 30 days.

To cancel your Age UK plan send a letter, email, or phone them direct:

– Age UK Funeral Plan, 4 King Edwards Court, King Edwards Square, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B73 6AP</p”>

– 0800 633 51 25


What if I move house?

As with Dignity funeral plans the plan will be ‘ported’ to a new local funeral director. Apparently you can request to stay with the nominated funeral director but if they’re over 50 miles away there will be fees for extra mileage.

What is an AgeUK funeral plan?


Simply put, a pre-paid funeral plan allows you to pay and plan a funeral in advance.

This is a good option for those that might be on a limited income because you can lock in a certain cost and not have to worry about the rising prices. Right now the average cost of a funeral is around £3,897 and by 2021 that could go up to £4,779.


By planning ahead, you take all of the guesswork and stress out of your funeral for the friends and family that are left behind. All they have to do is set your plan in motion, and everything will be taken care of, including the payments.

The provider you choose will offer a few different options for plans, and you can choose what you want based on your needs and budget.


No one wants to think about dying or the burden it might cause their loved ones, but it is an important topic to broach. Within this review we will go over what Age UK offers, their pricing and the overall feel for whether they are getting most of it right. Once read, we have a page dedicated to comparing funeral plans which lists all major providers.


Planning a funeral can be expensive and if you don’t have much money this can be a cause for concern. It may raise some key questions, such as:


  • How will you be able to afford everything and, if you can’t, will that burden fall to your family members?
  • Will your funeral be able to have all of the things that are important to you?
  • Who will help guide your family through this whole process?

These are just a few of the things you might be wondering, and the whole thing might make you nervous or anxious.

Pre-paid funeral plans are an excellent way to relieve those worries and any stress that might come along with planning out your final wishes. They are also an excellent way to save money and help your family deal with everything during this difficult time.

Our Opinion on Age UK

  • Age UK is one of the most transparent providers out there
  • There isn’t much that they don’t cover in their plans, but have a look at our compare funeral plans page
  • They make it easy to spread out your payments if you can’t afford a lump sum.
  • You may not need (or want to) to spend as much on a funeral

Overall, you can get a lot for your money with any of their plans. They make sure to take care of all the little details and offer their support throughout the whole process.

Age UK Customer Reviews

We’ve only found a few reviews on AgeUK Funeral Plans and have added them below, seems like a couple of customers had a few negative experiences but on balance, it appears they were resolved quickly.


At the time of writing the customer experience review on Feefo is 4.6/5:

Feefo Reviews of AgeUK


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