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Comparison table of each funeral plan provider, burial costs, cancellation fees, funeral procession etc

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What is this Funeral Plans Comparison All About?

Our guide will take you through comparing the essential to all-inclusive funeral plans, containing information on providers who are registered members of the FPA (Funeral Planning Authority), what that entails for you, as well as a number of funeral plan companies that are not. We have tried to glean as much information as possible from their respective websites so we can show you an unbiased representation of their offers in one place - if any information is missing or incorrect, please contact us so we can rectify it as soon as possible. 

​Currently the table beneath has both members of the FPA as well as non members, but we aim to update it so it covers as much of the market as possible. Some plans offer payment in a lump sum, some can be pre paid in advance. 

What is excluded?

What is excluded from the funeral plan comparison table are items which do not come as standard with the plans, this constitutes: 

  • ​Burial Plots
  • Headstones
  • Memorials

Funeral Plan ​Providers who pick their own funeral directors...

However, there will be a certain number of providers in our comparison table who allow for the above as well as other 'optional extras', at cost, of course. With most you are free to choose your own funeral director for your chosen plan, but the following may have their own network of funeral directors they pick: 

The funeral plan compare providers in the comparison table will include:

  • ​Care of the body
  • A Hearse
  • Help with registration and certification of death
  • Funeral director will help arrange the funeral & supervise
  • Confidential advice

Coffin quality will vary depending on the proposed plan. A basic coffin should be expected with the basic plans, whereas the comprehensive plan will come with a more expensive coffin. 

To make changes to any of your chosen plans after you have purchased will most likely require extra costs, apart from The Co-operative Funeralcare​, who do not permit any changes after purchase.

The Funeral Plan Providers

Age UK Funeral Plans

Plans & Prices

The Co-operative Funeralcare

Plans & Prices...

Golden Leaves

Plans & Prices:

Family Funerals Trust

Plans & Prices


Plans & Prices

Perfect Choice

Plans & Prices

Golden Charter

Plans & Prices...


Plans & Prices


Plans & Prices

Avalon Funeral Plans

Plans & Prices

ChoicePlan / Alternative Planning Company 

Plans & Prices

Safe Hands Plans

Plans & Prices

Open Prepaid Funerals

Plans & Prices...

Table of All FPA Registered Funeral Plan Providers


  • Full Cost (upfront) – The full payment amount if paying in one go. 
  • Cremation – the amount the provider contributes towards cremation. A guaranteed payment means the provider will pay the entire sum. 
  • Burial - How much the provider contributes towards burial. A guaranteed payment means the provider will pay the entire amount
  • Cancellation fee – How much you have to pay the provider if you decide you no longer want the policy.
  • Viewing the body – whether the provider includes and arranges a viewing of the body as part of the funeral.
  • Funeral procession – whether the provider includes a funeral procession as part of the plan

a Contribution increases with RPI - Retail Price Index
b Could be utilised for the cost of plot, grave digger and church fees.
c During business hours only
d To crematorium
e Prices vary by region. Prices include an arrangement for a cremation, and are based on an average of the prices in available areas.
f Home to crematorium, churchyard, graveyard, or cemetery
g For plans that cover burials please call provider for more details
h Does not apply to fixed monthly options
i 24-hour collection
j From home/funeral home to church to crematorium
k Home to place of worship and then crematorium or burial site
l Weekdays by agreed appointment
m Home to church and then crematorium/churchyard/graveyard, cemetery
n To crematorium/cemetery
o Anytime by previously agreed appointment