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Funeral Zone launches Bereavement at Work

Funeral Zone has launched a Bereavement at Work resource

Funeral Guide has launched a helpful new resource, providing guidance to companies and employees on managing and coping with bereavement in the workplace.

One in 10 employees are affected by a bereavement at any one time. As the UK’s most visited funeral website, Funeral Guide aims to further help the bereaved with its Bereavement at Work resource, providing accessible information about coping with loss in the workplace.

Its Bereavement at Work section launched with a front page advertisement in the Financial Times about the comprehensive new one-stop bereavement resource for companies and employees. Funeral Guide already works with the NHS, doctors’ surgeries and care homes by providing them with comprehensive information to help the bereaved. Now it is offering support to people in the workplace, too.

Funeral Guide bereavement at work

Funeral Guide’s Bereavement at Work features articles, curated resources and regular news and updates – helping companies to create their own blueprint for a compassionate and practical bereavement policy.

Although the law says employees are entitled to a ‘reasonable’ amount of time off in emergency situations involving dependants – bereavement leave is not covered in the statute books.

Providing useful guidelines to companies seeking to create an in-house policy, Bereavement at Work includes help and information to identify flexible solutions for supporting employees in their job as they grieve.

Companies can also subscribe to Funeral Guide’s Bereavement at Work quarterly e-newsletter, providing up-to-date information about bereavement in the workplace, grief support tools and government policy guidelines.

funeral zone grief at work article on laptop screen

Bereavement at Work will keep subscribers informed about any legal changes to compassionate leave, including the shaping of legislation that will allow statutory paid bereavement leave to employed parents who lose a child aged under 18, or to stillbirth.

With campaigners celebrating the Parental Bereavement Leave Bill’s success, conversations are opening up about how bereavement can impact upon people’s lives, work and welfare. It’s opened up debate over how broader legislation, as well as informed, flexible and compassionate workplace policies could work for employees and for business.

Funeral Guide chief executive Ed Gallois says Bereavement at Work will be an invaluable tool for business with a focus upon investment in people.

He said: “Most people agree that employers should have a compassionate leave policy that includes paid time off after the death of a close loved one.

“A flexible and modern approach to bereavement in the workplace affirms the core business values of companies who are aware that taking care of their employees boosts morale, motivation and loyalty. Our Bereavement at Work resource will support them to continue in the right direction.”

  • Visit Funeral Guide’s Bereavement at Work section here
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